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Assignment One

1. Facts
a. Lawson is a junior in high school. One of his good friends challenged him to a game over social media called neknominated. It is a game where you have four different types of alcoholic drinks and chug it while in the trunk of a moving car. After being nominated Lawson has 24 hours to do it and post it on social media. Also Lawson has an academic commitment

2. Ethical Issues:
a. The ethical issue here is if he should attempt to accept the challenge and post the video to social media. It could hurt his Image, and could affect his body. Also he has to do this challenge in the trunk of a moving car which is dangerous. Lawson dilemma is whether not to drink and keep a good image about him, or complete the challenge and risk hurting himself and his personal image of how people perceive him.

3. Stakeholders Involved:
a. Lawson- Lawson could be affected in many negative ways if he decides to go through with this challenge. The first problem would be the way people view Lawson if he goes through with the challenge. It could prevent him from gaining entrance to college or if he applies for jobs employers could see this video and not hire him. The other affect it could have is that he is not 21 years old yet.
b. Lawson parents- Lawson parents could also be a stakeholder in this. If he posts a video online and makes it go viral, his parent’s image could be affected from a standpoint of bad parenting.
c. Alcohol Provider- Whoever supplies Lawson with the alcohol could be at risk of punishment if anything bad happens to Lawson. If something happened to Lawson he could be charged with providing alcohol to a minor.
4. Moral Imagination:
a. Not competing in the challenge. Instead of doing the challenge and posting it online, Lawson could just ignore it and stay silent about it over social media.
b. Lawson should go ahead and complete the challenge. If he loves competition with his…