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Assignment one – sumbit 19/2/13 Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments.
A teaching assistant’s role in supporting a group of 7 year old children may take on many forms. According to Ofsted’s review of Primary Education (2000) they suggest teaching assistants play a key role in supporting all areas of the curriculum.
Within a music lesson the teaching assistant may support the listening and understanding of the theory part, supporting the behavior for learning. The teaching assistant may need to assist pupils with physical needs, this may also involve the setting up and tidying up after the lesson. Providing this support can enable the teacher to continue with the lesson and this enables the lesson to commence immediately; in addition to this enables the pupils to become engaged with the lesson straight away.
During the lesson the teaching assistant will actively encourage all pupils to take part in the music lesson, this may be to support pupils to remain on task. Moreover, pupils may need 1 to 1 support due to additional educational needs, therefore the teaching assistant will support the inclusion of all children. The teaching assistant will explain the terminology and reinforce the input to allow all students to learn at a pace that supports them.
The teaching assistant may have knowledge of percussion instruments therefore may be able to contribute with the planning and delivery of the lesson.
The teaching assistant can make observations of the learning of targeted pupils or for the general learning. This can help the teacher to inform the next lesson and can be used to track progress of the learning and assessing of the pupils.

Question 2 What might your role be in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, material and equipment for this percussion lesson? As part of a teaching assistant’s role, they would be expected to liaise with the teacher and be familiar with the lesson planning which will enable them to prepare and organise the lesson and the materials that will be needed to ensure the lesson can be delivered effectively. The teaching assistant may find further resources that support the delivery of the lesson for example the use of signs and labels to reinforce the terminology used. This will also support the different learning styles within the classroom. Whilst preparing the lesson, the teaching assistant will be asked to set up equipment according to the lesson plan and requirements given by the teacher. The teaching assistant may be responsible for maintaining an inventory of the equipment and ensuring it complies with all aspects of health and safety in accordance with the setting health and safety policy. In addition, reporting any damage or missing equipment to the teacher.

Question 3 Describe how you act in class in order to be an effective role model for the standards of behavior expected in pupils? Providing a positive environment that enables learning to take place is part of the teaching assistant’s role on a daily basis. It can be argued, that if the teaching assistant plays an active role in supporting the behavior of pupils it allows the teacher to continue teaching and minimum disruption to the teaching and learning. The teaching assistant needs to support the behavior strategies implemented by the setting, the teaching assistant should receive training and should remain up to date with changes to the policy. The teaching assistant should positively reinforce behavior at all times. Skinner (1983) puts forward the view that if a behavior is rewarded in a positive way then the behavior is more likely to be repeated. Likewise, within the