Assignment: Photographic Ideals Essay

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Photographic Ideals: find 4 photographic images that you wished you had done and write (typed/word processor) one to two paragraphs for each photograph explaining why you think they are excellent, or why they caught your attention.

Search magazines and books; for magazines clip the image, scan & print, or photocopy as best possible (if photocopying from magazine or newspaper, use a sheet of black paper on the back side of magazine image to reduce bleeding from back side); for books photocopy or scan & print the image; for images found on the Internet, print out regardless of size and include the URL (web address). Turn in photocopies or clipped images, and typewritten paragraphs in a folder (or 9 x 12 envelope) with your name on it.


DUE Wednesday, Jan. 23


Write a four (4) page (or more) essay discussing a single photographic image, a group of photo images, a photographer’s or photography web site that contains posted images (make a print of the page(s) in case of web site update and include the URL), or a photography exhibition of your choice. In addition to the essay include a copy of the image, or if unable a citation of where one may find this image or exhibition.

Format requirements: four (entirely) printed pages (not including title page or endnotes), 12 pt. type size, Arial, Times, or Helvetica typeface, double-spaced with one (1) inch margins on all sides. Make sure your…