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Assignment Plan
Organisational Summary (to be placed at end of report)
Bare Bones Marketing, is an award-winning marketing agency offering simple, down to earth, commercial marketing advice and services that focus on making marketing less scary for businesses ( ).
Bare Bones Marketing offer a wide range of services, from simple down-to-earth advice to full marketing service delivery. We offer the complete range of marketing services, from strategy and planning, branding and logo development, websites and social media, direct marketing and print solutions, advertising and PR, to marketing consultancy, training and even public speaking.
The business was set up in 2011 by Emma Dalzell, who has nearly 20 years of experience through all of the marketing disciplines and has worked in senior roles for well-known brands such as Citibank, Vodafone, Cable and Wireless and E.ON.

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Contents Page
1. Marketing metrics
1.1 Definition
1.2 Role of marketing metrics

2. Types of technology used within Bare Bones Marketing
2.1 Customer Relationship Management Systems
2.2 Search Engine Optimisation Tools
2.3 Email Marketing Tools
2.4 Other Tools

3. How marketing metrics are used

4. Impact of current technology
4.1 Customer Relationship Management Systems
4.2 Email Marketing Tools
4.3 Google Analytical Tools
4.4 Relationship Management Tools

5. Discussion of new technology
5.1 All-in-one CRM system

6. Marketing metrics dashboard

7. Reflection document

8. Proposal of new technologies
8.1 Online Reputational management tool (Rankur)
8.2 Search Engine Optimisation Management Tools

9. Recommendations

Word Count Estimate: 3,500

1. Marketing metrics
1.1 Definition
Definition of marketing metrics using The Principles of Measurement Framework to support the definition

1.2 Role of marketing metrics
In line with control theory, which suggests the need for ex-post information on marketing programs as an essential part of the cycle of analysis, planning, implementation and control (references), Bare Bones Marketing utilise a range of marketing metrics to evaluate past performance against internal and external benchmarks, in order to enhance future strategy and execution within the organisation. This suggests a clear integration of the company’s Strategic Planning Process, supported by Beamish and Ashford’s (2008) APIC Planning Framework (figure 2), due to the need to continuously measure, compare, control and take action at every stage of the organisation.
Given example of how Bare Bones Marketing utilise measurements and metrics at each stage of the APIC Framework.
Measurement and metrics enable Bare Bones Marketing to make suitable business decisions, which could ultimately lead to improved business outcomes (references).

2. Types of technology used within Bare Bones Marketing
2.1 Customer Relationship Management Systems
- Customers expect a personalised and individualist experience from beginning to end. These factors are vital for the success of Bare Bones Marketing, since their customer base is built around the cultivation of existing customers (Professional reference, 2015).
- CRM system supports these demands, and therefore is an integral part of the company’s marketing mix and strategy, providing a holistic, comprehensive set of marketing capabilities (references).
- Enables the company to understand, anticipate and respond to their customers’ needs in a consistent way, through the use of highly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns, enhancing customer retention, leading to an increase in sales and profit margins.
2.2 Search Engine Optimisation Tools
- SEO tools such as Google Analytics enables the company to identify opportunities and prioritise their marketing efforts to enhance their website rankings. Ultimately, this helps to increase brand awareness and credibility through improved Google rankings, which helps to drive