Assignment: Printing Press and early 13 th Century Essay

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The printing press was first recognized and developed in China in the early 13th century. It has been introduced to Europe by Johannes Gutenberg and it represented one of the most revolutionary innovations during the modern period, also called Renaissance. The new system had become known in 270 cities from different parts of Europe by the 15th century. The first printing press in England was established in Westminster by William Caxton in 1476. Later in 1621 the first English newspaper was published and entitled “Corante”, but it wasn’t about England at all, as it was news about other European countries.(Italy, Germany, Spain, France etc.)
The early English newspapers took the form of brochures as the print in those times was rigorously controlled and they were about daily political news and rumours. In the 19th century, year 1890, a new format of newspapers was introduced- tabloid, published by Daily Graphic and later photos on pages began to be printed. Nowadays there is a variety of newspaper formats including tabloid, broadsheet, booklets which focus on subjects ranging from gossips to political or economic news.
The technology had developed impressively in the last decade and as a result computers have replaced most of the printing machines. The majority of people opt for digital versions of publications, therefore the sales for printed newspapers have been at a low level for years. However, metropolises, such as London, with a big system of underground transport are never going to lose their clients that travel daily to their work or other places. Equally, the paper based news is always going to be the classical way of being aware of what happens in the world.
In the UK, the BBC (1922) is considered one of the best sources of Information concerning both national and international news. Moreover, it provides a