Dental Nursing Career: Progression Routs From The Apprenticeship

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Ashley Grayson
Progression routs from the apprenticeship

Progression routs from the apprenticeship

In this assignment I am going to plan and identify my career pathway for the next 5 years. I am also going to discuss further options and training that is available to me upon completion of the course and also state the qualifications needed to access these courses and identify the training and how long it would take to complete the training for these courses. I will also discuss the Academy’s Employment Progression Pathway team (EPP) and how they work with cadets upon completion of the course.

My career pathway started off when I registered for the level 3 Diploma apprenticeship in Dental Nursing. Becoming registered on the course was an exciting opportunity for me as I knew this was the start of a new career for myself and I have always knew I wanted a career in a health care related field. Before registering for the course I always had Dental Nursing as a choice of a career I wanted to go into, as I find careers in health care fields are rewarding jobs. I knew it would be something I felt comfortable doing as I have had a fair bit of experience since leaving school in health care fields. I felt this was a realistic career path way for myself personally as I had personal skills what I could use to adapt to the Dental Nurse programme. My skills I felt would help with my career pathway as a Dental Nurse where good communication skills, a general interest in the welfare of patients, good practical skills, calm and confident manner, and experience of working with patients with different needs such as learning difficulties, down syndrome, and mental illness. I also have the capability to adapt myself to any situation and deal with it correctly. These skills I have I feel will help myself when I am on placement and when I qualify and become a registered Dental Nurse.

When I found out I had been accepted onto the Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing I knew this was the start, this would help get the qualifications I needed I knew the course was 12 months long, but what I also found out was that the course had a 6week introduction period where you yourself can get an overall view to the course and see if it really for you. The 6 weeks also gives the skills for health academy and the tutors a chance to see if they feel the course is for you and that you are capable. I am on my 6th week of the course and awaiting my progression review, i feel have completed the progression criteria needed to get out to the full course this involves DBS check, Occupational health checks, mandatory training, academic requirements and a satisfactory attendance and punctuality. Once I have found out if I have passed the progression criteria I know this is the next 12 months of my career pathway and I am heading to completing a qualification in Dental Nursing.

Upon completing the 12 month programme I plan to become registered with GDC and seek employment and work as a qualified Dental Nurse. When successfully completing the programme the skills for health academy will work with me to access further opportunities which in my case I plan to work as a registered Dental Nurse. The academy’s employment progression path way team with will work with me up to 6 months upon qualifying from the apprenticeship and help me either seek employment or further training. When qualifying as Dental Nurse it is only the first step of my career. When completing my Dental nurse qualification and become registered with The General Council (GDC) it is important to keep my knowledge and skills up to date. To maintain my registration, it is expected of myself to do a minimum of 150 hours of continuing professional development over a 5 year period. There are also other options available to me as a Dental Nurse these are Post-graduate courses for Dental Nurses. These post-registration qualifications are such as Dental Radiography, Oral health