Academic Skills For Professional Practice

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Course Title: Academic skills For Professional Practice
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Academic Skills Preparation
Activity One
Selected article
Howard & Gamble C (2011) Supporting mental health nurses to address the physical health needs of people with serious mental illness in acute inpatient care settings Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing18: 105-112
Keywords selected
Care Management
Physical Health
Practice Role
Development Skills Enhancement.

Locating the actual article for this activity was not a simplistic task. There is academic skill and self-motivation required to locate the desired article. I also discovered the librarians at the mansion site library are collectively and actively an invaluable asset to the course myself and cohort have and undertaken. They went out of their way to extensively provide me with the methods of how to find articles from the past and present day. I managed to discover the article in full using highly detailed search engines/databases, which can be found only on the student portal. On the initial first page of the article, to the left there was a specified list of keywords that relate to the article.

The keywords themselves are directly related to the holistic discipline of nursing, but not to mental health, so I used my initiative and added ‘in relation to mental health’ at the beginning of the selected keywords. This addition to the keywords provided a multitude of articles and journals from well sourced reliable establishments, which all related to the discipline of mental health nursing a highly detailed collection of resources.

Sourced articles relating to keywords
i) Gregory O’Brien & Irene Cormac (2009) Physical Health In Mental Health, Final report of a scoping groupRoyal College of Psychiatrists Part 1 – Sections 1,2&3.

ii) Kurt C. Stange, MD, PhD, Editor (2008) Mental Health & Care Management, Health Behaviour Change & Reflection of Primary Care Annals of Family Medicines 6: 1 2-3

iii) Professor Len Bowers (2012) Mental Health Nursing Skills Enhancement
King’s College London Mental Health Nursing One page article