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Answer any three questions:
1a. Form three different hypotheses and b. Indicate their independent and dependent variables
Independand variable
Dependand variable
Running will increase a personons heartbeat rate.
Haertbeat rate running Language affects the social nature of human beings .
Social nature
CRS (Corporate social responsibilty) changes the perceptions of customers on multinational organization.
Perception of customers on multinational organizations.

2. Illustrate the following variable types with two examples each a. Nominal scale
Nominal scales are used for labeling variables, without any quantitive value.
1. Whats your gender? o Male o Female
2. Whats your haircolour? o Black o Blond o Brown o Red o other_____

b. Ordinal scale
With ordinal scales, it is the order of the values is what’s important and significant, but the differences between each one is not really known.
1. How do you feel today? o- very unhappy o- unhappy o- OK o- Happy o- Very Happy
2. How satisfied are you with your service? o- Very Unsatisfied o- Unsatisfied o- Neutral o-Somewhat Satisfied o- Very Satisfied

i. c. Interval scale
Interval scales are numeric scales in which we know not only the order, but also the exact differences between the values. But do not have a 'true zero' value.
1. Whats time of the day on a 12 o'hour clock? 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12
2.. What is the temperature of today in Degree Celcious?. o- O – 10 o-11 – 20 o- 21-30 o- 31 above

d. Ratio scale
Ratio scales are the ultimate nirvana when it comes to measurement scales because they tell us about the order, they tell us the exact value between units, and they also have an absolute zero.
1. How tall are you? ____ kg
2. How much do weight? ____cm

3. Design two quantitative and two qualitative research questions for each of the following research topics: a. Language choice of Turkish immigrants in Germany b. Politeness - a question