Assignment System Evaluation Paper Week 7 1

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Assignment System Evaluation Paper

As before when I wrote a paper for this assignment, thye company that I talked about was Walmart. At this time I going to talk about a company that I worked many years back when I was younger. The company is Wendy's, as you know that Wendy's is a restaurant instead of a shoppingg center, so in some ways, job ethics and responsibilities is going to be different.

BUSINESS CONDUCT AND CONTACTS As employees of Wendy's, you represent the Company. Your interactions with stockholders, franchisees, customers, suppliers, vendors and all other persons or entities must reflect the values and ethics of Wendy's. In all such contacts, it is important to observe certain standards of conduct. You should treat each person you encounter with respect and professionalism.

Earn Franchisee, Supplier and Customer Trust. The Company's reputation for integrity is tested every day by the way you treat the people with whom you do business. Honesty, fairness and keeping commitments must be hallmarks of the way you do business.

Present the Company Truthfully. Communications should reinforce a sense of trust in the Company. Whether statements are channeled through franchisees, customers, stockholders, the analyst community, suppliers, trade groups, the mass media or made in private conversation, "honesty is the best policy." Public statements should be sufficiently candid, clear and complete so that they neither mislead nor lend themselves to misinterpretation. However, material non-public information may not be disclosed without approval from the Legal Department.

Wendy's is also committed to full compliance with all requirements applicable to its public disclosures and those of Wendy's, including reports filed or furnished to securities regulators by Wendy's. All of our business communications should be timely, clear and accurate. It is a violation of our policy to misrepresent our financial performance or otherwise compromise the integrity of our financial statements or other disclosures. All press releases intended for the investor or franchisee communities must first be reviewed and approved by the Legal Department.

Treat Business Colleagues Professionally. Act professionally and conscientiously in making business decisions. Personal relationships must never interfere, or give the appearance of interfering, with business actions, judgments or decisions.
When making decisions, weigh all factors impartially and without prejudice and make all decisions based solely on merit.
Honor your agreements and do not encourage or interfere with other parties' contracts or agreements.
Communicate clearly and effectively. Think before you speak and write and be proud of what you say and write. Be clear and objective, and write as if your communication will appear on the front page of The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times.
Do not discuss areas beyond your knowledge or expertise.

Maintaining Product Quality and Food Safety. Customers deserve the highest quality products and service, in surroundings that are clean, attractive and comfortable. Our goal is to constantly exceed our customers' expectations – every day, and in every restaurant. Wendy's continually monitors our products and services and works hard to improve them. We all must assist in this process by reporting anything that could damage our reputation for quality.
To make sure our customers receive safe, wholesome food, we must:
Maintain strict standards for raw products that meet or exceed government requirements;
Adhere to a strict food safety testing program;
Follow rigid food handling and preparation procedures in every restaurant, every day;
Understand and maintain proper food-handling procedures and personal hygiene practices;
Immediately pull any product suspected to be unsafe until a food safety review can be completed; and
Remain vigilant: keep monitoring and improving our processes to maintain product safety.