Assignment: Terrorism and National Counterterrorism Center Essay

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Assessment 1

The topic I chose is Counter Terrorism. I have looked at Counter Terrorism in broad terms in order to get an overall understanding of the topic and the many sub topics that relate.

Four of the many online sources I utilized and continue to utilize to research my topic are Scribd (, the National Counterterrorism Center (, LinkedIn ( and Youtube (

Scribed is an informational website that contains an online digital library containing a collection of e-books, written works, documents, court filings and academic papers with Stanford University Press and Harvard University Press now associated with the site. It also allows members to upload and share documents with one another and contains large amounts of information on my selected topic of Counter Terrorism.

I have been creating, collecting and spectating on the site for many years as I find the content on the site very useful for my business. Due to the vast library of documents, books, e-books and academic papers that are available on the site I believe it to be an invaluable researching tool.

I have found in my experience with using the site that the information is generally reliable and credible as the documents are often published or verifiable through multiple sources. I found that the information I sourced came from credible and authoritative sources on Counter Terrorism including government agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Military and Australian Government.

Using Scribd allows me to learn using the constructivist method of learning (Atherton 2014). My objective when using Scribd is to access documents and manuals to both assimilate and accommodate my base knowledge of the subject.

An example of the type of documents I located on this site that allowed me to learn more about Counter Terrorism was the 2012 Australian Government Counter Terrorism White Paper. This document was published by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Australia and explains the nature of the terrorist threat to Australia within Australia’s broader national security context, sets out the Australian Government’s strategy for countering terrorism and details the policy settings by which the Government will implement its counter-terrorism strategy (Australian Government 2010).

The second source I utilized was the National Counterterrorism Centre website which is another informational website. It is controlled and updated regularly by the United States National Counterterrorism Centre who are the primary organization within the United States government for integrating and analyzing all intelligence pertaining to terrorism possessed or acquired by the United States government (National Counterterrorism Center 2014).
Due to the authoritative nature of the organization it makes this source highly credible and I am a regular spectator of it.

The sites content assists me to learn about my topic as it includes transcripts of speeches and testimony relating to Counter Terrorism, an interactive timeline and map of terrorism incidents, a detailed list of all persons deemed terrorists and details regarding tactics and methods used by terrorists. In addition to providing this information there are in excess of 30 links providing access to other sites, agencies and information regarding both terrorism and counter terrorism.

The information is recent and updated regularly allowing for me to learn the latest information related to my topic.

LinkedIn is a source I use regularly as a spectator, creator and critic. It allows me to use the Social Constructivist Method of learning as it is a social networking site that allows individuals to connect to other individuals who they share a real world professional relationship. Individuals can also become members of social networking groups related to their business interests.