Assignment: The First Magazine Advertisement

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Josh Cohen
Marketing 1002
Professor Schafer
April 7, 2013 Magazine Advertisements Written Assignment

The First Magazine Advertisement Ad I choose BMW. BMW is a car company that makes sports and luxury cars. 1).what is the target market segment? BMW uses three steps for targeting which are market segmentation, target choice and product positioning. BMW finds information by looking at geographic, demographic, behavioral, socioeconomic, beneficial characteristics of society which helps them to target the market more effectively.
2).What do you assume the demographics and the psychographics might be? The demographic of this car company would be people who are able to purchase a BMW are men and women aged 30-50 years old, middle class citizens, normal these people behaviorally would have a successful image in their mind before buying a car. The psychographic would be people who have a successful career job, live the fancy life, like and desire the nice things in life, and most of all people who are financially positioned.
3). what attitude do the ads try to convey? BMW magazine advertisement tries to convey this idea of nice, fancy, successful suitable lifestyle a person would have if they was to buy or own a BMW. If someone was to purchase a BMW they would feel the material on the seat, and become attached to it. People would and can become so involve with the cars because they know that they now can purchase something they always wanted. People that can purchase a BMW will tend to change their lifestyle to something that’s suitable to the car. 4). What is your attitude relationship to this product and/or the advertisement? My attitude towards BMW is a good attitude, because BMW is one of my favorite Cars, and not once did this company make a car that I didn’t like or that didn’t live up to the standards that the company project the car to live up to. The Feeling I always have is picturing myself in the car by the time I’m 23. So my involvement is very high this Company, because they never seem to let me down. Just living the fancy live and being successful one day is what will and would influence me to purchase a BMW. I just feel as though this is one of the American dreams to own a car that I think is the most suitable for me. My attitude is towards the product because that is something that I want.
For My Second Magazine advertisement Ad, I choose Air Jordan Sneakers. 1). What is the target market segment? Air Jordan’s magazine ad promotion is to people all over the world, who are interested in a certain style of fashion. The prices are affordable for the most part. The air Jordan sneakers are athletic sneakers, and Fashion sneaker wear. Places u can find Jordan’s sneakers in sneakers stores located the malls, shopping centers.
2).What do you assume the demographics and the psychographics might be? The psychographics are psychological profiles of potential customers in a market that focus on attitudes, interests, and personal opinions or perspectives. Jordan it markets to inner city kids as well as kids from the suburbs, weekend athletes, serious athletes, people who want to look like athletes, female athletes and people of all sexes, ages and sizes that want to look like athletes. now more focused on growing its line of apparel rather than focusing entirely on shoes. This product diversification provides additional sales opportunities for consumers of all ages.
3). What attitude do the ads try to convey? Air Jordan magazine try’s to convey the attitudes of mainly basketball, athletes, and people who are interested in a certain style of fashion or look. The magazine ad also tries to capture opinions of people who think highly of air Jordan as a brand, and consumer who like what they see in the products as its self. It also capture people who believe in a new look and style.
4). What is your attitude relationship to this product and/or the advertisement? My attitude relationship to Air