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Week 2 Assignment: Risk Assessment
M. Victor Sabani
ITT Technical Institute

Week 2 Assignment: Risk Assessment As our company, U.S. Industries Incorporated, grows there are many things that must be addressed. At an IT standpoint we have to consider all of the possible compliances we must oblige by. In order to accommodate some compliance we need to improve our network, mainly storage. Currently we do not comply with the Federal Information Security Act (FISMA), which requires federal agencies to protect their data. To trade and do business with the government we have to comply with FISMA. Currently we have a contract to facilitate the required changes. The project must also be completed in nine months, if it is not we get fined $100,000 each month we are late. If we happen to be late more than three months we will lose the contract to do business with the government. As we stand we need to purchase much more equipment. Just purchasing the equipment is not enough; we need to hire more people to manage it as well. Unfortunately to meet the demand we also need to expand, currently our facility cannot handle the expansion. The room needed for a dedicated data center is not available with the current layout. The company should also consider hiring a security person for all the new security equipment. After having done this it would be very beneficial for us. Doing business with the federal government could help grow our company. Although there are many…