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In week one i didn't really have a clue on what we where doing I was finding it very difficult on what to say and how to say it i felt like i was being rushed into it because i wasn't so use to speaking in front of people so i just sat there and watched everyone else and took some notes while they did a counselling session in a group, i was very interested on what some of my peers had to say but still very confused on the whole situation. I'm also not a very confident speaker face to face to my peers about my problems and i also get very shy when Im the receiver and i don’t like making eye contact with the sender i find it very awkward and hard to hold a conversation with because ill be laughing and not paying attention because i cant take the sender serious so this frustrates the sender even more so then we move onto the next person for then i miss my turn and therefor i get angry because i couldn't practice so at the end of the lesson i told my group that i was finding it very difficult and they all understood where i was coming from because they where all in same boat as me and understood my situation. the receiver skills include understanding clients verbal, vocal and body messages some clients may help dealing with specific situations that are problematic for them. in addition, counselling and helping may be best proceed if a specific situation within a larger problem is addressed rather than trying to deal with the whole problem itself ( Richard nelson-jones 2012). i need to improve my skills by practising at home with my partner and peers, but when i try to be the sender and talk about my day or how I'm feeling they aren't interested… because if it's not about them or what they are interested in they cant keep focused on the topic. for my next workshop i have to practice on my listening and eye contact and try to build more confidence in myself because the more i do that the more confidence i build up in my in-class interaction talk. i found the feedback from my peers encouraging and very helpful so i will continue to do my best and make sure i listen and pay more attention . reference
Richard nelson-jones (2012) basic counselling skills: A helpers manual. (3rd ed.) London. journal 2 in todays workshop my peers and i started to take notes on what to say when you’re the receiver because i was finding it very difficult to listen and respond back to the sender. straight away i had to kind of take a minute to think about what i was saying, for e.g. ( “so how do you feel about her not responding back to you” ) and she answered with ( “i felt really upset and left out and she doesn't care how i feel anymore” ) and when we finished i wasn't listening because i was to carried away with what i was going to say next, so this resulted in an awkward silence. the goal is to provide clients with a sense of being understood and affirmed. attaining this goal requires counsellors and helpers to be skilled at listening to clients, taking their perspectives, and sensitively showing them that they have been heard accurately. (Richard nelson-jones 2012). in last weeks workshop i learned a lot form that lesson so when the receiver was talking to me i could respond back much faster then last week i wasn't having trouble responding back to her i did at first but i got the hang of it all, it took me a bit to understand and focus on what she was trying to say but i eventually got there and the group was much helpful this time if i had trouble with something we would all pause and have a group discussion and fix the problem straight away so this made me feel very good about myself and a little bit more confident to speak to people, one of my peers said i still need to work on my eye contact and fidgeting, she said i need to focus more on my eye contact with the person and not look beside or whats happening around