Team Assignment: Beyond Dalhousie (Group 6)

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Beyond Dalhousie ­ (Group 6)
Assignment 1 Beyond Google
MGMT 3603

Ashlyn Campbell ­
Alex Cole ­
Weijan Feng ­
Joanne Freill ­
William Harnett ­
Morgan Mackenzie ­ Due: January 24, 2014

Team Overview

“Beyond Dalhousie” is an online collaborative Think Tank. “Beyond Dalhousie” has a team composition that consists of members that, live, work, and learn locally as well as members that live, work and learn across the continent. The name “Beyond Dalhousie” is an obvious choice due to the fact that the majority of our team members are dispersed; With the physical locations including Dalhousie University and beyond. The team consists of six team members, from a variety of faculties. Ashlyn an
Informatics Student with a vast amount of technical skills will act as the Team
Information Technology Specialist, Alex a Management student will use his professional expertise act as the Team Editor, Joanne a Chemistry Student specializing in research will act as Team Researcher, Morgan a Management Student with superior organizational skills will act as Team Organizer, Bill an Informatics student with a vast amount of project management skills will work closely Morgan and act in the role as
Team Co­ordinator, and Weijian also a Management International Student will act as a
Team Cultural Consultant while providing an outside point of view. Due to our team composition, having a well­balanced mix of backgrounds and ages our team brings skills such as information management, creativity, leadership, and planning.
Due to these strengths, it is clear that we will excel as a team and provide proper support to each other in all areas, especially with respect to teamwork, cooperation and information sharing. An important key factor that will be a measurement of success for this team will be the gaining and searching for information. As upper­classmen with multiple years of researching completed, we are very confident with our abilities in this field and we are all eager to test our abilities. Since many of the group members do not have a vast amount of experience working with and participating in an online team, we all seek to improve our use of online resources for collaboration such as tools on Blackboard and Google Docs. Since many of us having a management background, we are confident in our verbal communication and conflict resolutions skills, but as a team we see this as an opportunity to grow and improve upon our non­verbal communication skills. We’ll do this by working (virtually) close together to problem solve, consult, brainstorm, and collaborate on different topics.

Member Profiles

Ashlyn Campbell: Team IT Specialist
Ashlyn is a fourth year Bachelor of Informatics student specializing in Management. In her past four years of Informatics, she has gained a strong grasp on the steps for completing a successful project through taking project management courses as well as real world projects courses. She has strong communication skills, presentation skills, and management skills and hopes to bring these skills to the team. Also, Ashlyn has experience with a handful of programming languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript,
PHP, Python, Java, mySQL, and VBA as well as some CMS experience. Professionally,
Ashlyn has worked both on a project in the healthcare IT field and as a Business
Analyst in the Oil and Gas industry. She is hoping to strengthen and grow her skills of information sharing and collaboration. Weijian (Tony) Feng: Cross Cultural Consultant
Weijian Feng is a third year management student majoring in entrepreneurship and innovation. He recently took a one year certification program at Dalhousie University called Global Assessment Certification. He is an international student that comes from