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Assignment # 4 – Exploring the Structural Frame

Mayra Tindel
BIS 300- Module 4
Professor: Caryl Williams
Personal Perspective / Structural Frame
Describe your reactions, perceptions and significant insights gained from the reading. Be specific to demonstrate your engagement of the reading by making clear connections to content and examples. The responses to the prompts should not be a summary or simple “regurgitation” of what you read (as your professor already knows what the readings say), but be focused on these issues:

Prompt #1: What did you learn about organizations?
Reviewing my reading material I obtain knowledge on the how the structural frame regulates the organization’s communication, competent planes for the
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One of the concepts that enriched my understanding on how organization function is determinates of successful teamwork. When I was reading through this section of the chapter five, I was questioning myself why leaders in my previous job didn’t reinforce something like this. Understanding teamwork would of have the job done and employees would of experience less frustration and negative behavior with one another. Bolman and Deal suggested different questions that design the appropriate structure for a successful teamwork. These questions are as follows:
What is the nature and degree of dealing among individuals?
Synonyms for nature and degree: Mood, intensity, strength

What is the spatial distribution of unite members?
Synonyms of distribution: Sharing, handling, administration.

Given a group’s objective and constraints, where does authority reside?
Synonyms of objective and constraints: ambition, purpose, motive

How is coordination achieved?
Synonyms for coordination: arrangement and grouping

Which word best describes the required structure: conglometer, mechanistic or organic?
Synonyms: skeleton, formation

What sports expression metaphorically captures the task of management filling out the line-up card, preparing the game plan, or influencing the game’s flow?
Synonyms of