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The SPSS file HOBBITDATA.SAV should be used for the following assignments.

Please answer the following questions by using SPSS. You may want to begin by first examining the questionnaire. You should identify the scaling formats used for each question. Keep in mind that the scaling format will determine the type of descriptive analyses which may be conducted with each question. Once you are familiar with the questionnaire, determine which variables (survey questions) provide information necessary to address each of the following questions. For all questions, attach the corresponding output from SPSS.

1. How many dollars do respondents spend per month in restaurants? What percentage of the respondents eat out at least once every two weeks? How similar or dissimilar are the respondents on the amount spent per month? (i.e., how much variance in each, in other words, what is the standard deviation? What is the average amount spent?)

2. Among the respondents, how preferred are each of the characteristics of restaurants? How similar or dissimilar are the respondents on these factors?

3. To what extent does this sample indicate a likelihood of wanting to patronize a new, upscale restaurant? How much would respondents expect to pay for an entrée at such a restaurant? How similar or dissimilar are the respondents on these factors (i.e., how much variance in each)?

Descriptive Statistics