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Marketing Studies (1 year, Diploma)


Assignment 1
a) Luis St. Jean is a famous design house in France with annual sales of $1.2 billion in clothing, perfume, scarves, and other designer items. Each year it prepares more than 150 original designs for its seasonal collections. As head buyer for Cindy’s, an upscale women’s clothing store at the Mall of
America in Minneapolis, you think you might like to start offering the LSJ’s line of perfume. You need to know more about pricing, types of perfume offered, minimum ordering quantities, and marketing assistance p rovided by
LSJ. You would also like to know if you can have exclusive marketing rights to LSJ perfumes in the Minneapolis
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References and any appendices should not be included in the word count.
Deadline: 12th April 2013
(No assignment will be accepted after this date)


Assignment 1
a) P, a car salesman, is advertising one of his cars, made by Ferrari for sale at the price of 50000 Euro in the newspaper. N sees the advertisement and calls to
P offering him 40000 Euro. P rejects N’s offer and tells N that he would be willing to discuss an offer for 45000 Euro. N agrees on the price but under the condition that P proves to her that the car is indeed a genuine Ferrari. P promises to disclose all necessary documents in the next 3 weeks. N agrees and waits. 2 weeks later N discovers that P has sold the car to C for 50000 Euro.
Advise N.
b) Why is Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Co (1893) a very important case?

Format: Essay, approx. 2000 words (in total), produced on a laser printer
Deadline: 14th December 2012
(No assignment will be accepted after this date)


Assignment 2
‘Corporate personality refers to the fact that as far as the law is concerned a company really exists. As a result of this a company can sue and be sued in its own name, hold property under its own name and most importantly be liable for its own debts.’ Discuss

Format: Essay Type, 2000 words, produced on a laser printer
Deadline: 12th April 2013
(No assignment will be accepted after this date)