Assistant Babysitting Attorney: A Short Story

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Assistant Babysitting Attorney Pt 2
How in the world did Rafael Barba get roped into babysitting? Again? On what's considered his day off? Oh, that's right, Liv had an emergency call and had to run down by the precinct. She texted him, "Please forgive me Raf but can you watch Noah for a few hours?" She would explain that her go-to babysitter, Lucy, had some sort of college seminar to attend to and nobody else that she trusted was around.
He cursed, in his head, at Chief Deputy Dodds. "Damn you and your dumb meetings". He reluctantly texts back to her, "Yeah, I got it", when he really didn't. Even though he visited Liv a lot for chitchat and casefiles and whatever else, he was still nervous around Noah. Especially when he has almost no experience
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After quickly telling him Noah's schedule for food and bedtime and such, Liv leaves. "He should be asleep for you the whole afternoon," she says exiting out the door.
Wrong. Two minutes after she leaves, Noah is wide awake. Even scarier was Noah knew how to walk, so Rafael had to track him down, what seemed to be every 5 seconds. Putting him in his playpen was futile since the kid knew how to climb out of it. Was Noah doing this on purpose? Ayayayay. Qué niño tan tonto. Then he hears Noah speak, "Mama! Where Mama?!" and toddling to her bedroom door, trying to open it. Rafael picks him up, "She'll be back,
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He carries him to the couch, humming a tune as they sit down, and saddling the boy on his lap. Noah looked up at him, his eyes gazing at Rafael's before letting out a yawn. His hum turned into a quiet song, one his mother used to sing to him as a child. "Duermete mi niño, duermete mi amor, duermete pedazo de mi corazón..." Noah laid his head against his chest, yawning again. It really dawned on him how much he bonded with Noah that day and how that little boy trusted him. This bonding experience made Rafael think about wanting to have his own children but truthfully he would have to make time for that to be feasible. "Someday," he thought as he continues the song till Noah falls asleep. Rafael was feeling quite sleepy himself, partly due to his mother's delicious homecooking. He lays comfortably on the couch, readjusting Noah as carefully as possible without waking him, and he falls asleep with an arm holding on to Noah