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Assisted Legal Suicide

Specific Purpose: To explain the negatives of assisted suicide and help the audience understand how its point of having it illegal.

Thesis Statement: Assisted legal suicide should not be legalized because of 3 reasons: 1) significant dangers, 2) society would take advantage of this law in every way, 3) unintended consequences.

Ever seen a movie, a TV show, or even a cartoon where assisted suicide was attempted? How many of you believe that if you were to see it in something like a TV show, the first thing that would go to your mind, “is that even legal?” I’m pretty sure most if not all would try to figure out if it is legal or not. Of course, it is illegal in the U.S. besides Oregon, but even in Oregon this law doesn't have many advantages because of a good reason and that’s why it is illegal in every other state in the U.S.

South Park, ever seen the episode where Stan tries to assist his grandpa to suicide? South park is a cartoon aired on Comedy Central. Yes a cartoon, that is where I and most of us have ever seen assisted suicide. Stan tried to assist his grandpa in suicide, but every attempt seemed very disturbing and we all knew that we would never assist someone in suicide like that, or ever at all.

There are some reasons why it would seem okay to legalize assisted suicide, very few of them, but there are my big three reasons on why it would be obvious to not have it legalized. The three reasons why assisted suicide shouldn’t be legalized is 1) significant dangers, 2) society would take advantage of this law in every way, 3) unintended consequences.

1)The significant dangers
Dangers such as the words “terminal illness” can be the difference between a really bad illness and a an illness that can be expected to last as little as one day. Let’s define what the word “terminal” means, “terminal can be defined as “a relatively short time.” Most see this definition to mean that death is expected within six months.
2)Society would take advantage of this law in every way
Depending on every individual’s situation, we can all agree that it would be a terrible thing to be living with a disease or disability that makes us not want to continue living the pain. But what if you do not have an illness, a disability, or a good reason to even consider Euthanasia? All we think about is of how much pain that person attempting legal suicide would be