Assisted Living Marketing Strategies

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An alternative method of marketing I would suggest is online marketing and community relations and involvement marketing. These strategies includes having an open house for the community, promotional video, and an online presence through our website and social media advertising. By using these two alternative methods, I am confident that Meadow Assisted Living Facility will reach out to their intended target audience. In addition, establishing and understanding the target population will allow for us to develop and implement an effective marketing plan. This will be done by carrying out the following steps in the marketing proposal.

Overview: Meadow Assisted Living Facility is an assisted living facility that provide health, social, and medical services tailored to each individual's needs. Residents can engage in many social and recreational activities, such as gardening, arts and crafts, exercise and fitness classes, and parties. Our services are available to those who need assistance with activities of daily living
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Complete a situation analysis to determine the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. An analysis of previous marketing strategies to determine what problems were present and determine if a throughout internal and external analysis was performed in order to determine areas of improvements. Marketing strategies will be based on the results.

2. Analyzing the competition in the long term care industry in order to identify what local competitors marketing strategies are and how successful or unsuccessful they were. In addition, identifying what the target population interests, needs, and preferences are in order to attract targeted customers who will have a need for the services we are offering. Research the current marketplace and seek what opportunities are available for our organization based on our analysis and organizational goals. After identifying these opportunities, we will determine how to take advantage of