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Assisted Suicide PHI200; Mind and Machine 8/20/2011

“Assisted Suicide” Assisted suicide is a term for actions taken by which an individual helps another person voluntarily bring about their own life. “Assistance” could mean, providing an individual with the means to end their own life, with drugs or equipment. Terminally ill people sometimes wish to end their life of pain and lifelessness. If a person’s medical condition renders them unable to end their life in a dignified manner, that is when assistance in exercising their personal right to die. Morally an individual’s last whishes should be respected and followed through. Someone that is appealing and pealing to your capacity for compassion and obligation to support their individual choice to end their life needs your assistance. There are many disputes on assisted suicide, the most fought about is, the ethical moral issues. Is assisted suicide a good act or a bad act? “By allowing assisted suicide violates a fundamental duty we have to respect human lives not destroy it,” stated by, Claire Andre (1987). Compassion and personal valued choices is essential for assisting suicide out of respect for the terminally ill people. Morally terminally ill people have the free right to choose to keep suffering or to end their pain and lifeless life. This is their personal choice that nobody can nor should be allowed to take from them. At this time in an individual still have his /her rights that need to be supported and followed through with. There is nothing cruel or inhuman on assisted…