Assisted Suicide Essay

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Ethics is something that is very important in our society today, depending on how you view ethics can have an effect on decisions that you will make toward certain issues. I am going to discuss the ethical issues with physician assisted suicide and how negative it can be. Some physicians may think that they are helping their patients by doing this but it is wrong are numerous different ways and I will share several of them in this essay. There are ethical issues all around us and one particular that I personally find disturbing that happens all the time is physician assisted suicide. This is something that is downright despicable to help take a human life. Now I know that if there assisting in this in some twisted way they believe that there helping the patient because if their issues in life. The truth is life can be brutal and sometimes tough to bare but as a human we can all withstand it with the proper support. It takes someone that understands and cares for you to get through some things but definitely not suicide. This is never the answer no matter how bad the circumstances are and they should never be assisted with doing it. In some cases this happens with therapist, they hear all the issues the patient is having and then actually attempt to help the patient in the right way. When there treatments begin to fail and they are basically all out of ideas it is not unheard of for the physician to help the patient attempt suicide. They do this because they think the patient is in so much suffering that it can’t be cured so there doing them a favor. In reality there not giving them a chance to let time take over and assist with the healing. This reminds me of utilitarianism because in their own way they think this makes the patient feel better and ultimately ends there suffering. What there not thinking of is yes it ends their suffering for a short while but there entering eternity as a person that has committed suicide. I bring up this point because the bible states someone that takes their own life cannot enter into heaven and will suffer eternity in hell. So even thought the suffering of life is over the eternal and much worse suffering will begin. Know I now there may be some people that don’t believe in this but I am a Christian and fully believe this does happen to someone that takes their own life for no matter the reason. The physician that helps with a patient committing suicide doesn’t get off the hook for thinking they helped a helpless person. If it is discovered that it was an assisted suicide they of course are criminal charges for that. Also assisting someone kill their self knowingly is just as good as committing murder and is very wrong. This is wrong in an American standard and also very wrong in a Christian standard as well because committing murder is breaking one of the Ten Commandments. This can also ultimately cause you to get cast into hell for committing such a vile act. One of the saddest things about it is the patient’s are really going to the physician for help and because the physician runs out of ideas and treatment methods assisted suicide becomes an option. So in the beginning there seeking help and in the end not only do they not get the proper help but they are also convinced that suicide is the only options and then assisted with it. This is truly disturbing and I don’t understand the logic behind the thoughts of how this becomes an option for a physician to help with this. Know sometimes this is not always the physician’s idea; it is common for the patient to ask the physician for help doing this. Recent studies show that 57 percent of physician today has received a request for assisted suicide ( It is true that the number of assisted suicides have decreased over the years due to the fact of modern medicine that helps relieve suffering. However no matter the course or reason this should never happen not even if the patient is in their right mind