Assisted Suicide Research Paper

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Physician assisted suicide will never be the right solution no matter what the situation may be. Whether a person is terminally ill or in unbearable pain death is not the answer, there are several alternatives. Death may seem like the right answer at a moment when one is very upset. People don't realize it is a permanent, irreversible choice to something that may be a temporary or curable problem. A large number of these types of cases involves patients who suffer from depression of their illness, in which case they are not by any means, in the right mind to make a decision on such a serious matter. In Oregon, a recent study of people who took their lives with assisted suicide revealed that one in every six were suffering from depression. This should not be allowed to be a factor in a human's choice to die. in most of these cases people are depressed but it has not been diagnosed. Assisted suicide is nearly the equivalent of murder. Helping someone cut their life short is nearly as bad as murdering them yourself. Instead of assisting people in trying to take their own lives, they should be encouraged to want to live. I do not believe that any state has the right to end an innocent life, even if the person asks for death. I would not want to set the precedent that life is only valuable, as long as it is comfortable. Legalized assisted suicide is a slippery slope. First it's the hopelessly terminal who asks for assisted suicide, then it will be those living with chronic but not necessarily deadly diseases and finally those who are mentally unstable will be next in line. It's a can of worms that should never be opened. Killing oneself even if terminally ill is exactly as described in the title as "suicide". And because the doctor is assisting a patient in killing themselves then they are technically "murderers". We believe that helping someone to kill themselves is assisting them in murder. Stopping the human heart is unethical and many believe it is God's business and this is a common belief of nearly all religion. Doctors have a moral responsibility to keep their patients alive as reflected by the Hippocratic Oath. Physicians should not violate their fundamental values when faced with such