Annotated Bibliography: Sex And Love In Intimate Relationships

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Social Psychology

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Annotated Bibliography

Source one: Sex and love in Intimate Relationships
Authors: Robert W. Firestone, Lisa A. Firestone and Joyce Cattlett
June 2009

Our Research project deals with friends with benefits, we believe more College aged females are more interested in being in this type of relationship, verse a traditional dating relationship. On pg 46 of Sex and love in intimated Relationships the Authors say rather than focusing on the technical aspects of “good sex” they take aim at the central problem of intimacy, by making the argument that most adults profess a desire for closeness, and relatively few can tolerate loving or being loved. Which goes along with out hypothesis that more college aged women want a friends with benefits relationship more than being involved in a loving committed relationship, as the Authors say most want love but can’t tolerate being loved ,so by focusing on their sexual needs instead of emotional needs they can choose to be involved sexually when and with whom they choose.

Source two: The Psychology of sex, gender and jobs issues and Solutions. Publicated by Personal Psychology, edited by Louis Diament and Jo Ann Lee January 1st 2002

I choose this as a source solely on the nature of the paper which helps us understand the psychology of social behavior. Helping to liberate our views about gender roles and sexual orientation, how I connect this with out Research Project is on the basis of sexual orientation because college aged women are known to be more experimentally sexual choices of sex partners include women.

Source three: The secret life of girls: what good girls really do-- sex play aggression and their guilt.


Author : Sharon Lamb (2001)

To grow up to be healthy sexual adults, able to have and give pleasure, able to be woman with desires they are not ashamed of girls need practice. In found in the Secret life of girls… is that as girls transform into women, girls must be able to grow up able to protect themselves against abuse, feel their physical strength and use it wisely they have too have experience, practice in sexual freedoms, this does not go along with our project because we are dealing with College aged women, and this book deals with girls in adolescent and teenaged years, even though it differs, it is still relatable because these girl will be the subjects if this Purdue University experiments duplicated in the future.

Source four: Hooking Up: sex dating relationships on campus