Association Football and Right Stick Essay

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1 14 15 16 17 COmplETE CONTrOlS gamEplay: TipS aNd TriCkS SETTiNg Up ThE gamE playiNg ThE gamE Ea SpOrTS FOOTBall ClUB maTCh day 17 Ea SpOrTS FOOTBall ClUB 18 FiFa UlTimaTE TEam 20 20 23 23 24 27 27 29 SEaSONS CarEEr Skill gamES ONliNE playSTaTiON®mOvE OThEr gamE mOdES CUSTOmizE FiFa my FiFa 13

COaChiNg Tip: ShiEldiNg

To protect the ball from your marker, release the left stick and hold the R button. Your player moves between his marker and the ball and tries to hold him off. ShOOTiNg Shoot/Volley/Header Finesse/Placed shot Chip shot Flair shot (first time only)

NOTE: The control instructions in this manual refer to the Classic controller configuration. Once you’ve created your profile, select CUSTOMISE FIFA > SETTINGS > CONTROLS > WIRELESS CONTROLLER SETTINGS to adjust your control preferences.

Move player/Jog/Dribble Sprint Player run/Modifier Face up dribble Stop ball (when unmarked) Stop ball and face goal Shield ball (when marked) Dummy (when receiving ball) Pace control Send teammate on a run Knock on Drag back (assuming player is facing vertically upwards) Skill moves driBBliNg left stick R (hold) Q (hold) W + R (hold) + left stick left stick (release) + R left stick (release) + Q left stick (release) + R E (hold) W (hold)

paSSiNg Choose direction of pass/cross left stick S Short pass/Header (hold to pass to further player) F Lobbed pass (hold to determine distance) Through ball (hold to pass to further player) D Bouncing lob pass (hold to determine E+F distance) Lobbed through ball Q+D (hold to pass to further player) Give and go Q+S Finesse pass E+S
COaChiNg Tip: givE aNd gO

To initiate a one-two pass, press the S button while holding the Q button to make your player pass to a nearby teammate, and move the left stick to continue his run. Then press the S button (ground pass), the D button (through ball), the F button (lobbed pass), or the Q button + the D button (lobbed through ball) to immediately return the ball to him, timing the pass perfectly to avoid conceding possession. Ball CONTrOl First touch (while receiving the ball) right stick (hold for more distance) First touch to stop W + left stick Cancel pass/shot W+R Free Move W + R (hold)

right stick (flick) left stick V + W right stick + W



CrOSSiNg F Cross (hold to determine distance) Low cross (within cross zone) F (double tap) Ground cross (within cross zone) F (triple tap) Q+F Early cross (outside cross zone) Early low cross (outside cross zone) Q + F (double tap) Q + F (triple tap) Early ground cross (outside cross zone)

SET piECES dirECT FrEE kiCk Aim left stick Z/X A Curled shot (hold for increased power) Driven shot (hold for increased power) Q+A High pass/Cross (hold for increased power) F Add spin to ball (while powering kick) left stick S Ground pass R Change kick taker W Call 2nd kick taker 2nd kick taker curled shot W+A 2nd kick taker driven shot W+Q+A 2nd kick taker layoff pass W+S 2nd kick taker layoff chip W+F 2nd kick taker run over ball W + A, S E Call 3rd kick taker 3rd kick taker curled shot E+A 3rd kick taker driven shot E+Q+A 3rd kick taker short pass E+S 3rd kick taker lob pass E+F 3rd kick taker run over ball E + A, S D Jump wall (defense only) Move wall (defense only) W/R S Wall charge (defense only) E Wall creep (defense only) Add/remove player to wall (defense only) Q to select player, then left stick
COaChiNg Tip: addiNg ElEvaTiON aNd SpiN

dEFENdiNg dEFENdiNg Move player left stick Q Switch player Directional player switch right stick Sprint R (hold) Contain S (hold) Teammate contain E (hold) A Tackle/Push or pull F Sliding tackle Jockey W (hold) Running jockey W + R (hold) Clearance (when in possession in own half) A gOalkEEpiNg Charge D (hold) Move/Aim kick or throw left stick S Throw (hold to pass to the further of two players) Drop kick (while holding ball) A/F D Drop the ball (while holding ball) E Pick up the ball (only when