Association Football and Soccer Essay

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Ibrahim Mina
Professor Grace Cripps
English 190 Sec.09
30 September 2013 “Life is colorful”
Time has the power to change everything and it has changed my life. Looking back on a childhood filled with events and memories, I can find my sweetest time playing soccer. I become surprised when I compare my previous life with present. I’ve changed a lot.
From my childhood I was very fond of sports. I used to play soccer almost all time. Playing soccer was a major identity for me in my school life. I was quite good at soccer as I loved playing soccer. As a sports person I had fame in my local area and my school. Most of the people still remember me as a soccer player. I was inspired a lot when I played a match for my school against another school. For my one goal our school won the match which was incredible to me and every one of my school appreciate me a lot. This day isn’t something for me because this is the day which inspired me to be a soccer player. From that time my dream is to be a professional soccer player.
As I was very fond of sports, I was quite indifferent to study. Besides, I didn’t like to study instead I loved to play soccer. For this reason, I was very weak student. I usually got lowest marks in the exam. Sometimes it was really difficult for me to pass in the exam. One day my teacher punished me as I couldn’t give my lesson in the class and he predicted that I will never pass in the exam which made me crying. Then I became very depressed and sad. After that, I went to my house near a pond and sat beside the pond and thinking deeply. Suddenly it was raining I’m enjoying rain but in the mean time I noticed one thing that from the roof of our house the water was falling into the floor of the outside of our house, and I watched that there was a whole in the floor where the water was falling. I couldn’t believe that the simple water can make whole into the floor which is made by bricks and concretes. Then I realized that nothing is impossible. If water can make a whole, I also can make a good result though I am not a brilliant student. From that time I also studied along with playing soccer. As I spent lots of time to play soccer, I just studied two hours per day which wasn’t enough to make a good result. My family was very worried for this.
I wanted to be a professional soccer player and wanted to play in our national team which was my dream. But my family wanted that I will be a teacher as both of my parents are teachers. And my family didn’t support me to play soccer instead they always tried to convince me in order to be a teacher but I didn’t listen to them. One day my father told me that if I don’t study properly and play soccer I couldn’t stay my father’s house. After hearing this I became so angry and I left our house. From that time I stayed with my closest uncle who loves sports and always inspires me to play soccer. He helped me to join in our local soccer club. This was the first time to play soccer in a club. I was so happy being a part of the soccer team. I used to play as an attacking midfielder. But in this club I played as a striker. My performances were quite noticeable to the coach and he told me that I could be a good striker which inspired me to practice all day long. Eight months later my uncle recommended me to join one of the major soccer clubs in our country. I gave trial to the Abohany Sporting Club which is one of the major soccer clubs in Bangladesh. After considering my performances, I got the chance to play soccer in Abohany Sporting Club as an attacking midfielder which is the best position for me. Because of my hard works and performances, I became the team player (who is one of the most significant players of a team) of this team after one year. From that time my family started to support me and they realized that I could achieve something in this career. After that they didn’t create pressure to study. After