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August 2, 2011

* This is , I'm Alex's girlfriend. I just wanted to say hi. *

August 30, 2011

* How is he? *

March 24

* My cell number's if it's easier to get ahold of me that way. *


* Me and Alex were going to try to go to six flags if we can. It Open may 5th, the day after he graduates. Me and my dad are driving down there and staying at a hotel on base. Do you know how long you're going to stay there and hang out? *


* Im going up the night before then his graduation. I need his schedule to make plans. *

19 hours ago

* have a letter to mail out to Alex do you have his address? Can I get it from you? Did he get his schedule yet for events on graduation day and for when he needs to report? Let me know if you can. THanks a lot. *

19 hours ago

* Yeah his address is:

He graduates may 4th and there's a website,
And but has the schedule for graduation. *

17 hours ago

* Are you coming up by yourself or are you bringing and the kids? *

17 hours ago

* Yeah I saw the website thanks. Did he tell you yet what time he has for liberty? Is your Dad going into graduation too or just visiting after? Would like to maybe do dinner. Might bring but not sure yet. * do you have a code for getting base pass? what hotel? I need to call to reserve a room still *

17 hours ago

* Oh yeah, it's Buchanan. The hotels the navy getaway inn and suites. *

17 hours ago

* do you happen to have that number? Is your dad wearing going in to? *

17 hours ago

* ok reservation made. Any details you have about his be great. THanks for all the info. *

16 hours ago

* No liberty info yet. Your welcome! But are you coming by yourself? *

15 hours ago * hi * I haven't decided if yet or not. WHy whats up? * your dads going right? * I am driving out not flying *

15 hours ago * I think it's better of you go by yourself. Alex is really looking forward to seeing you and I think t would be better by yourself