Assumptions and Fallacies - Short Essay 2

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Assumptions and Fallacies Assumptions are common errors that often plague arguments and are detrimental to critical thinking and problem solving. Assumptions are what one thinks or believes of a point or statement that has been made, as being the truth, based solely upon word or belief with no real verification or proof to its validity. An example would be; A suspect in a homicide who has a history of violent behavior had been quoted as saying that he’d kill someone if they had gotten in his way. The tendency in this situation would be to assume that they had the right suspect, when with no apparent supporting information, to move on further with this assumption would potentially undermine the result of the findings of the argument overall. To avoid making an assumption one must always ask oneself of a specific point; Is this is likely going to be true based upon one’s established belief or should one take it further by applying solid critical thinking skills by verifying the point and to avoid assumption of truth and later criticism for not being critical in their research. Fallacies are a form of deception that when put forth, has the appearance, sight, or sound, of qualified validity, and when successful, establishes an argument and potential result that is based upon flawed information, providing a very weak foundation for the claim or statement. For instance in television commercials, automotive advertising depicting celebrities in fast race like maneuvering and sporty vehicles will somehow provide purchaser of a like model car, with