Asthma and Adequate Living Conditions Essay

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Tommy’s Story
1. Why did Tommy die? Identify and discuss the several factors that are associated with Tommy’s death.
Biological, Environmental, Behavioral, Economic, Social, Political
The reason why Tommy died was clearly due to his asthma attack but several factors contributed to Tommy’s death. Each of these factors came from many other factors that compounded on top of each other. Tommy’s stress levels and health risk were increased due to his parents fighting, having to move, whether he was going to eat or not, and poor living conditions. These stress levels increasing made Tommy’s wheezing worsen and asthma attacks more common. The few health benefits that Tommy’s dad got after being laid off couldn’t help Tommy out if he needed to be taken to a hospital, especially a hospital that could treat him quickly and properly. Tommy was introduced to poor living conditions in the apartment, plus the poor air that he was breathing in which made his asthma worsen. His parents should have known to find a place that had adequate living conditions for Tommy’s health. Tommy’s death could have been avoided but instead, the wrong actions were taken especially by the parents of Tommy.
2. How could Tommy have been saved? (100-150 words)
Individual factors:
Reduced stress?, Increased health education?, Others?,
Structural factors:
Enact laws protecting workers?, Changes in health care system?, Others?
Tommy could have been saved if the parents planned properly and had backups in case they got laid off. Knowing that their son had poor health, having this planned out could have saved their son’s life. The parent should know that the economy and job market is tough, so a plan for this sort of case needs to be taken. Finding adequate living conditions for Tommy’s health was one way that his…