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Asthma is caused by a hyperactive airway disease, is a recurrent inflammatory disease of the airway. In individuals with asthma, the airway periodically spasm and narrow (a process called bronchoconstriction) in response to certain trigger. Then makes breathing difficult, and the individual may wheeze, cough, and gasp for air. The airways relax and widen either spontaneously or in response to drug treatment (Perspective on Diseases and Diseases and Disorders, Asthma, Pg17).


Asthma is caused by inhaling an allergen that sets off biochemical and tissue changes leading to airway swelling, bronchoconstriction, and difficulty breathing. Staying away from allergen causes symptoms once asthma is present an attack can be triggered or worsen an individual. Asthma could be triggered without exposure to allergens. An asthma attack can be caused by sudden exposure to cold, air, exercise or high level of stress and anxiety.
Most obvious symptoms of asthma are wheezing and difficulty breathing. Wheezing is load when exhaled. May cough and feel tightness in the chest children may have itching on their back or neck at the start of an attack. Some individuals with asthma are free of symptoms most of the time may have short breaths Individual’s whose asthma is triggers by pollen often have seasonal symptoms. Some have more or less continuous problems and their asthma worsens at night.


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