Asthma Attack Case Study Essay

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The Asthma Attack

In March of 2013, a teenage boy visiting a Tim Hortons franchise in London, Ontario suffered an asthma attack. The 17-year old boy was having difficulty breathing and gasping for air as her tried to get the attention of employees.

According to a customer who witnessed the incident, an employee asked “What do you want?” kind of rudely and all the boy could say was, “Help” and “Phone”.

Employees told him the phone wasn’t for customers and directed him to a payphone across the street at a variety store.

According to the witness, “The teen boy was going between the two tills, there were five or six employees… he was visibly in distress. They didn’t ask if he needed help. The whole time, not of
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3. Develop rating scales to monitor the importance of each dimension and the frequency of the performance of each task.

4. Survey a sample of employees. Knowledge management can be obtained through demographics and organizational climate (job satisfaction, work motivation, perceptions of managers, etc.)

5. Analyze and interpret the information: look at patterns and comparisons between each group.

6. Get feedback on the results: encourage discussions and suggestions from managers and employees.


This is the process of studying employee behavior to determine if performance meets the work standards. More often it is done by studying star performers or conducting time-motion studies. An employee analysis can asses competencies and the level of performance is determined as well as who (if anyone) needs training and if so, what kind. This can be summarized in 3-steps:

1. Define the desired performance and establish measures of performance

2. Identify the gap between the desired and actual performance using a variety of data sources: performance appraisals, managerial requests for training, work samples, observations, self-assessments, formal tests, records of output, complaints, accidents, rejects, lost time, maintenance hours, etc. The results of these sources can be compared with the industry norm or