Aston Business IMC module---Space Jam Poster Analysis Essay

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1. Context
This is a movie poster named Space Jam and it was released in 1996. The film was published in 15th November. The movie poster presented on cinema, newspaper, magazine, bus station and website. Warner Brother is the movie producer and it is the source of this movie. The movie of Space Jam combines cartoon and real characters in a partially live action and a virtual animation world. Space Jam contains comedy, sports, sci-fi, animation and icons movie elements. It mainly targets children and family; people who are animation fans, especially Looney Tunes fans; people who are interested in cartoon and people who like sports especially in basketball or fans of Michael Jordan.

The purpose of the movie poster plays a
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The poster print on Earth and Mars seems to tell audiences the story will take place in two planets, and protagonists may shuttle back and forth between different spaces. And the orange spiral looks like a space-time tunnel, may have an impact on protagonist’s lives and world. All of these fantasy elements once again add mystery to the film, make audiences go the cinema and check it out.

Looney Tunes is one of the most famous cartoon series from the last century to present, it has been an icon of America cartoon culture. It has a fixed group of viewers and favorite crowd, not just for kids, it also helps some people brought back many childhood memories. As for Michael Jordan, he was the most valuable and popular basketball player in America to the world. He began his career in business at the end of his basketball career, and Space Jam is the first commercial movie he acted. Thus, Space Jam is likely to impress kids, younger and family audiences, and those are original Looney Tunes fans. For Jordan fans and supporters, they seem to be looking forward Jordan career transition and performance in the film. And Space Jam is clearly a comedy, cartoon and light sport movies, it also added elements of animation, sport star and American Icon in this film, makes audiences have a relaxed and pleasant mood into the cinema spend their time with friends and family to enjoy a movie.

In fact, Space Jam is a fantasy movie, the storyline and all characters set are not true,