Astor family and Waldorf Astoria New Essay

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Last Friday, I went to the Waldorf-Astoria located on 301 Park Avenue in order to complete a better overview on what makes the Hilton Company stand out as a Retailer in the Hospitality Industry. I chose the Waldorf-Astoria because of its excellent reputation and its long and rich history. The Waldorf-Astoria was designed by architects Schulze and Weaver in 1931 and was owned by William Waldorf Astor. Conrad Hilton, however, soon found his interest in this historic landmark and bought the property in 1949. Today, the Waldorf Astoria New York and The Waldorf Towers (which is a boutique hotel within the main hotel) occupying 27th to 42nd floors of The Waldorf Astoria New York, offer a total of 1,416 guest rooms.

There are several entries to the Waldorf-Astoria. I entered through the Park Avenue entry which leads into the famous Park Avenue Lobby and features the famous “Wheel of Life”. The “Wheel of Life” is a floor mosaic created by Louis Rigal. Guest can relax in the Cocktail Terrace, which also offers an oversized floral arrangement—one of few displays in the city. Just before the Main Lobby coming from the Park Avenue entrance, there you can find ”Sir Harry’s”, a Manhattan bar for a cold beverage. On the other side of this lobby is the Waldorf Museum which has old photographs and souvenirs and shows some of the many celebrities and events the hotel has hosted over the years. Tourists from all over the world are accommodated in the Main Lobby where you also can find the front desk and concierge desk. The 3 m high clock originated from the 1893 Chicago World Fair is the main attraction and central point. Near the clock is the Peacock Alley, a restaurant that…