Astronomy darkmatter Essay

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Johanna Balseca
April 17, 2015
Dark Matter and Dark Energy

As humans, our curiosity for the unknown has led us to investigate and reach, literally, to the stars. Nevertheless, we have reached to a point in which we can no longer give a concrete explanation of what everything that lies in the universe is, and what better example to this, than explaining Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and Black Holes. Although we do not know the entire nature of dark matter, astrophysicists have provided us with many theories of what this unknown matter is. Dark Matter it is said to be a nonluminous material that is not visible for telescopes, but astrophysicists gave it its unique name due to its vast occupational space in the universe. This kind of matter cannot absorb or emit light or any electromagnetic radiation. However, it turns out to be (roughly) 21% part of our universe.
But what exactly is this 21% made of? Dark Matter it is known to compose about one-quarter of the universe, which releases no detectable energy, but which exerts a gravitational pull on all the visible matter in the universe. Though many believe that dark matter is composed of brown dwarfs’ stars, white dwarfs stars, or even Massive Compact Halo Objects. The list keeps on adding but unfortunately scientists have not yet come with an answer. Could it be possible that dark matter and dark energy goes together in hand in order to create what we know so far as a black hole?
I believe that dark matter could be a key ingredient for the creation of black holes, because elements that we see now, as a result of the Big Bang, could have formed firsts as dark matter. All the heavy elements (metals) and gasses could exist as the small and most raw form of Dark matter, that later, with enough time given, could produce a more unstable reaction which can lead to what we know as dark energy.
Astrophysics believe that dark energy occupies a good majority of