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Chapter Topic: Discovering the Universe for Yourself

What do I already know about this topic? That we live in a heliocentric solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy which is a small part of the entire universe. That our universe is 14 billion years old and our home the earth is 4.5 billion years old. I know that people used to believe that the sky moved around us, that they never considered us the ones to be moving.

Step 1:
Skim & Scan

Skimming means looking at a text or chapter quickly in order to have a general idea of the contents. When skimming, You might read the title, subtitles, subheading, and illustrations. Scanning is a mode of fast reading in order to have a general idea of specific content or text. When scanning, look for the author's use of organizers such as numbers, graphics, steps, or the words, first, second, or next.
Step 2:

What Do I Think I Are Going To Learn About In This Chapter?
A prediction is an educated guess about something that will come later in the text. The Predict Strategy is a simple but powerful way to help you connect what you know with what you are reading.
1. How the seasons work.

2. Why the stars seem to move around us.

3. What constellations are and how they are formed.

4. How ancient people explained the movement of the planets.

5. Learn about the moon and its phases.
Step 3:
Active Reading

Active reading is as a catalyst for critical thinking skills. If you use the strategies associated with actively reading you will be able to recall and apply information as you read. It would be a waste of time to read any piece of material and look up from the pages 20 minutes later and not understand and remember the information. The acronym "ACTIVE" reading stands for Asking questions, making Connections, Tracking down important information, Inferring/predicting, Visualizing and Evaluating and synthesizing.

Step 4:
What did I Learn?
Facts That I Learned From Reading The Chapter
1. Every point in the sky belongs to some constellation.

2. The local sky looks like a dome to us because we only see half of the celestial sphere at any particular moment from any particular location because the ground blocks the other half from view.

3. Seasons are not caused by the change in earth’s distance from the sun but by the tilt of its rotation axis.

4. Because of synchronous rotation, the moon rotates exactly once with each orbit of the earth, which is why only one side of the moon is visible from earth.

Step 5:
Review and Revise Predictions

Proficient readers do not just predict before they read a selection. They continue to confirm or adjust their predictions and make new ones throughout a selection. Review your predictions and describe the information from this chapter they supported or changed your predictions.
1. Constellations, rather than being only patterns in the sky, are what astronomers refer to as a region in the sky with well-defined borders.

2. Different to common belief, seasons are not defined by how close or far away the earth is to the sun, otherwise the two hemispheres would have the same seasons at the same time. This