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Timeline of Galileo Galilei
By Isairi Vorholy

1581.He enters the
University of
Pisa to study medicine. 1580

Galileo works on his theory of motion. Aristotle had said that bodies of different weights fall at different rates, but Galileo did not believe this. 1590

1597.Galileo writes a letter to Johannes
supporting his heliocentric universe theory over that of

1604.Galileo publishes his theories, now called the theory of uniform acceleration. He proved that all bodies, regardless of their weight, fall at an equal rate, in the absence of friction. 1609.Galileo learns of the recent invention, the telescope. He returned to Padua and is able to improve the magnification of the telescope he bought to 32 powers. 1600


Galileo makes many different important observations about the solar system, using his new telescope. He publishes the results in the 1610 book, "Sidereus
("The Starry


Heliocentric universe "Sidereus

Aristotle's theory of motion. University of Pisa

He stated that a ball thrown in the air follows a parabolic path. Galileo’s telescope. The Milky
Way is composed of many stars. 1613-1616 .The
Aristotelian Scholars saw the attacks on
Aristotelian Philosophy to be attacks upon themselves. The
Aristotelian Scholars united against Galileo.
The Church, swayed by the Aristotelian
Scholars declared that
Galileo was contradicting scripture.


1632 .Galileo publishes his great work, Dialogo sopra I due massimi sistemi del mondo, tolemaico e copernicano
(Dialogue Concerning the Two
Chief World Systems-Ptolemaic and Copernican) IN compliance with the Pope



1632-1633 .The Pope, infuriated at the content of
"Dialogo," places him on trial for one thing after another.
Galileo is eventually placed on trial and at his old age, is forced to make the journey to
Rome. He is placed under house arrest for eight years until his death.



(Dialogue Concerning the Two
Chief World Systems-Ptolemaic and Copernican)

The Aristotelian Scholars

Galileo went through a lot of tribulation in his old age.


Galileo was known in many fields but I think he was best in astronomy. He made improvements to the telescope and made many astronomical observations and breakthroughs. Some of those included, the moon as an irregular, rough body, not smooth as scientists thought, the Milky Way had many stars, Jupiter had many small satellites(or moons), and he made observations about Saturn, sunspots, and the phases of Venus. He was a strong believer in the heliocentric model even though it was looked down upon and he even went to jail because of it. Galileo Galilei to me is one of the best scientists and mathematical geniuses out there.

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