Athlete Role Models Essay

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Athletes are looked up to more and more each year it seems. The increased media coverage of rising star athletes is greater than ever and so is the role these athletes have on the younger generation. Today’s world of instant gratification is a big part that; needing everything fast, quick, and in a hurry. This works for some people but for others it ends up being too much too soon. Many athletes surround themselves with the right people; however, some do not. As role models they are held accountable for the way the public sees’ them. Athletes are influential in the way young people see them because of the lifestyle, fame, and fortune that comes along with it.
Athlete role models are very important to some people. Recently NBA center Jason Collins became the first openly gay active athlete in major American sports. This was a big deal, as it showed younger generations that just because they are different does not mean they can’t achieve their dreams. It gave hope to many kids in the gay and lesbian community that were afraid to come out and be openly gay. At a time where gay and lesbian rights are being pushed more and more this simple gesture may have given hope to a kid somewhere to attempt his dream. That is a positive role model.
Sometimes the young kids even get to see these athlete role models go through adversity and see that hard work and determination can help get them through almost anything. Adrian Peterson touted as the premier running back in the National Football League. Reached his dream after losing one brother when he was seven to a drunk driving accident and his half-brother being murdered the day before the NFL scouting combine. Then two years ago he tore his ACL during a football game. He came back less than eight months later and wound up rushing for more yards than any other player that year. This showed his young fans that never giving