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#23 Alex Stanwick English 1-25-09

The Haunted Baseball Machine One day the Gregrich family was taking Garrett to baseball camp. At the camp there was this really old baseball machine. Garrett began using it and all of the sudden the baseballs started coming out at 100 mph. Quickly, Garrett moved out of the way and the baseball machine stopped. Everybody was looking at the machine, and then it started shooting out more baseballs and was hitting more kids. However Anthony said “the machine was fine.” So the next day Garrett told his mother that he didn’t want to go to baseball camp and his mother said “you already started the camp and you need to follow through with your commitment.” The next day Garrett returned to camp and Anthony was trying to fix the machine. The machine kept shooting out baseballs at 100 mph. Garrett was talking to his friends and he said “I think Anthony has something to do with the baseball machine.” Anthony acts very strange when he is around the baseball machine. Garrett said to his friends “that tomorrow we will see if Anthony did it or not?” The next day at camp they found Anthony messing around with the machine, and he told us he was trying to fix it. Garrett went into the locker room and found some missing parts to the machine. The last day at camp, Garrett and his friends told Anthony that manager Phil wanted to speak to him. Garrett and his friends followed him into the manager’s office.