Athletes Mental Skills Research Paper

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Sports are acknowledged as an excellent way to develop strong mental skills. While athletes are afforded regular opportunities to improve self-confidence, learn teamwork, or establish and attain goals, there are certain mental skills that are essential for consistent success. Here are three of the most important mental skills needed to be successful sports.

• View the Glass as Half-Full

Sometimes this is an amusing way to look at challenges in life. However, looking at adverse situations with a positive attitude is a critical mental skill for successful athletes. Rarely is a player going to be winning every moment of every game. There are going to be times when an athlete will be presented with cause to doubt his or her abilities. This is where maintaining a strong level of self-confidence can be a game breaker. All successful athletes possess an ability to stay positively focused, or view the glass as always half-full.
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However, every winning athlete should have an internal motor that stays consistently motivated. Inside the head and heart of each individual player, there must be a strong sense of self-motivation. This skill is one that comes with experience.

As more games are played and obstacles overcome, an athlete learns to develop an inherent self-confidence. The most successful players maintain this high level of self-motivation throughout each game and during practice. Positive self-talk is imperative for an athlete to maintain that internal motor of self-motivation that drives them to achieve success.

• Keep Your Cool Under Pressure

The previous mental skills needed to be successful in sports will help develop the third. When athletes stay confident and remain motivated, they are better prepared to deal with pressure. It could be the pressure of an at bat with a baseball game on the line, or a foul shot to secure victory in a basketball