Athletes Should Be Paid

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College sports should be considered a business for the simple fact of the way that they are used. Some of the athletes go without food for days at a time. In doing this many athletes feel as if they are being used only for their ability to make their particular school money. Which is a very good argument. I believe college sport is a business, because through the bookstore, and through the endorsements of that are on the uniforms. The better the athletes on the field or the court or whatever sport they play the more money that will be made for the school’s athletic programs and into the stadiums. The student’s athletes should be paid in cash along with the scholarships that they are getting from the school. Many of these athletes cannot even buy cleaning supplies during the month because of the lack of money that they have during the month because they cannot get jobs. The way that the NCAA can reduce spending on the athletes by cutting some of the scholarships that each school is allowed to give out at each time. By doing this they will reduce the amount …show more content…
I feel if the student is a starter he should receive a bigger stipend. Also, if the student has a high GPA I feel that should also be an extra incentive in order to receive more money during the season pf that year. The final thing would be if the student breaks any team rules or has done so in the past he should not be eligible to receive anything. Finally, the athletes in the individual sports should receive individual benefits. In the sports such as track and field and cross country the athletes should receive their pay based on their performance and their academics. In doing this it will provide everyone with the fair chance to get the benefits that the school or the NCAA would be offering for that season for them. That would be the only fair option in my