Athletic Shoe and Nike Free Run Essay

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Joe Cawley
MKT 111 KC

I like to run and exercise in my free time. Recently I purchased a new pair of running shoes to improve my workouts. My previous shoes became worn out and started to hurt my feet. The sneakers I purchased were the Nike Free Run 5.0’s. They were expensive listed at 89.99$ but in mind well worth the purchase. Nike is a very strong company and their advertising does not slack a bit. They started in Oregon as a little running shoe company out of the back of Bill Bowerman’s Car. It has now transferred into the leading competitor in the sporting good world. It’s a great brand and has been a staple in the sports world for over 30 years. Almost every sport event I watch whether it is football or baseball you always see an athlete endorsing their clothes or a commercial promoting the company. That is one reason why I made this purchase. I knew I was going to get something count on, be comfortable in and still get my work out done. My two brothers and father also have pairs of Nike Free Runs and they love them. “I have never felt so comfortable in a pair of shoes,” said my dad. I decided I was going to purchase them in store for a number or reasons. One being, that I was so excited for them that I just had to go out and get them. Dick’s Sporting Goods was located 15 minutes from my house the convenience was there. I don’t mind ordering offline, but I enjoy walking into a store and coming out with something tangible. I did some online research though and found that I would be paying the same price or even more with shipping online. I checked on eBay to see if I could find anything more reasonable, but most came to or right around 90$. Also the last time I ordered a pair of sneakers from an online company it took over two weeks for my purchase to arrive. I had bought a new pair of shoes for a vacation I was going on but they didn’t arrive in time. I ended up walking miles and miles around Disney World with a bad pair because of the bad online service. Also in my research I found that the Free Run’s really work the foot and leg muscles a lot more then your average sneaker. The sole of the shoe consist of 14 rubber panels going across.