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Atlantic Revolutions Comparative Essay
• Has a relevant thesis and supports that thesis with appropriate historical evidence.
• Addresses all parts of the question.
• Makes direct, relevant comparisons.
• Analyzes relevant reasons for similarities or differences.

Essay Prompt ­ Analyze similarities and differences of political and economic activities in at least
TWO regions after their revolution for change in the late Early Modern Era. ● North America
● Caribbean
● South / Meso America
● France Blue = Analysis
Green= statement of $$ or political diff or simil
French political: no representation, King Louis the XVI was weak. inefficient government,
make up for this deficit, t
French economical: inequitable taxation American political: independence American economic: slogan “no taxation without representation”
, right to not be taxed without the consent of your elected representatives was one of the most prized rights of
American Revolution had roots in the financial pressure that Britain

placed on the New World; because Britain was economically dependent on the colonies, it kept taxing them. However, the colonists didn’t oppose the taxation itself.
They were more vexed by the lack of a reasonable basis for the taxation, feeling that they received little or no benefit from their funds that were being spent “back in the old country.” This phenomenon—commonly known as taxation without representation—infuriated the colonies, building the basis for their revolt.

In the region of North America and France in the late Early Modern Era, revolution causes were similar and different politically and economically. Similar to each other, the American and the French revolutions were that politically, their governments had little and weak control over them.
They both were looking toward independence as a goal of their revolts.
The French sought to get away from the corruption in
King Louis the XVI who poorly ruled them.
In a similar fashion, the American revolution was also rebeling for their independence thought this time it was a revolton a different continent than their government. Another Similarity between the two rebellionsalso seeking the freedom of independence, but this time in a different continent from their government. Another comparison between the two reveals another similarity. Economically both regions were being

Atlantic Revolutions Comparative Essay taxed unfairly. For the Americans they were unhappy that their was not consent to taxing but they were being taxed anyway and for the French it was the system of taxing that bothered them. The reasons the French would get angry at the way their government implemented their taxes was the fact that the King imposed further taxes, especially on the peasants.
Paradoxically, the wealthiest nobles were not obligated to pay taxes. This allowed the King to successfully sell titles, pulling the two social classes further apart. This made the peasants angry and the