Atlantic System Essay

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Atlantic System:
Most slaves would arrive to the southern colonies. Slaves comprise majority of the Southern population.

Slavery in general:
It did exist in other places but it was not racially based. Slavery early on was based on religion not racial differences the modern understaning of slavery comes in the 15th century.
New type of slavery emerges with the Atlantic System: the long distance, international capitalism emerging around the Atlantic Ocean under European control.
A trade network, described as a triangular trade it made a triangle shep old world and New world ( Europe, Africa and the Americas) to America was slaves to Europe: sugar tabacco etc. to Africa: textile.
Old world Slavery: youre seeing often times Africans taken to Europe to work as slaves , was not of the purpose of gaining wealth instead of reflecting wealth Ex. A European wealthy person would have slaves to represent status prior to the 1500’s Indicating your wealth.

New World: slavery is used to obtain wealth. Ex. Virginia plantation develops people would use more and more slaves to cultivate the land so they can obtain wealth for themselves.

Old World they were already wealthy and New World they needed the slaves to obtain their wealthy statue.

Middle Passage: Spain and Portugal were the ones bringing in slaves to New World in 1600’s made so much profit that other countries like Holland and England begin to participate. Not suprising that Spain and Portugal were bringing slaves because they were the ones in control of the settlement in the new world.
Journey across the Atlantic into slavery lasted 2-6 months depending on: where destination was, weather but to back before the conditions on the sip go back to how Africans were taken.

Going to West Africa most slaves came from Angola and Congo within those countries Africa is a very diverse continent. The origins were those Angola and Congo.
-As slavery becomes profitable prior to already existing as the Atlantic commerce develops start to see more conflict arise in Africa amongst