Atlantis In Fordlandia

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A place of ideal perfection, especially in laws, government, and social conditions: This is Merriam-Webster’s definition of a Utopia. But can such a place even exist? Atlantis. Probably one of Plato’s best known Greek myths, that conveys a story that King Poseidon falls in love and marries a beautiful daughter of a poor couple named Clito. In honor of her, the Ruler of the Sea reshaped the island into a beautiful paradise, and together they bore five sets of twins, who were expected to rule the land wisely. For years, Atlantis was a Utopia, but as time went on the people fell to vices and ambitions, and with Zeus enraged at the Atlanteans, he had Poseidon drown the island- never to be found again. In the same way, Fordlandia- a failed society …show more content…
Correspondingly, the Henry Ford Organization analyzes the story of Fordlandia which was a rubber plantation of Henry Ford that was victim to riots and several disputes. When Ford started bringing in other people, like they Barbadians, the Brazilians were unhappy that they were taking their jobs. Disputes occurred over who got higher wages, and finally the Barbadians were sent away because a West Indian outsider had stabbed and killed several Brazilians (The Henry Ford, “Ford Rubber Plantations in Brazil”). Arguing over glory is present in both Fordlandia and Atlantis. What was once ruling the Kingdom of Atlantis in friendship and harmony turned to bickering over power. Likewise, the Brazilians felt threatened when the Barbadians intruded their work area and soon chaos spread like wildfire and balanced throughout the land was lost. Thus, much fighting happened over who deserved more money or more honor. In Fordlandia and Atlantis the peace couldn’t last forever due to the corruption of the subjects. In addition, the moral of this myth directly translated to a modern Utopia such as Fordlandia, because it is impossible to have a perfect society, with negative qualities of mortals in the way. Furthermore, if the Kings of Atlantis would have been happy with their island, and the the citizens of