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Atmosphere Web Quest

1. What are the four main layers of the atmosphere?
2. Which layer is closest to space?
3. Which layer is the hottest layer?
4. Which layer is the coldest layer?
5. What and where are the ionosphere and exosphere?
6. Draw a picture of the atmosphere…….write at least two important facts about each sphere. (Scale your drawing. Make sure you pay attention to the spacing of each sphere……one sphere is the thinnest…….two are about the same in size……and one is the thickest). 7. Why is the atmosphere important?
8. What gases are most common in Earth’s atmosphere? Give the percentages.
9. What is the greenhouse effect (describe how it works)?
10. What are the main greenhouse gases?
11. Describe how each of the gases contribute to the greenhouse effect and how do they get into our atmosphere?
12. What is air pollution?
13. Describe 3 types of air pollution found in out atmosphere?
14. When did air pollution begin? (Is this just a recent development?)
15. What is primary and secondary air pollution?
16. Research Troposphereic Ozone………
**What two places is ozone found?
**What causes troposphereic ozone?
**Is the ozone found in the troposphere bad for us (explain)?
**What’s the common name for troposphereic ozone?
17. What are the global effects