Atom and Electrons Strongest Bonds Essay

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The distribution of electrons determines an atoms chemical properties -
Atoms with incomplete outer shells tend to react so that both atoms end up with completed outer shells

Covalent bonds join atoms into molecules through electron sharing-
Covalent bonds sharing electrons strongest bonds two or more atoms help together by covalent bond is a molecule

Water is polar covalent because electronegativity

Ionic bonds are attractions between ions of opposite charge an ion is an atom or molecule with an electrical charge resulting from gain or loss of electrons
a. when an electron is lost, a positive charge results
b. when an electron is gained a negative charge result
Chemical reaction makes and breaks chemical bond.
Remember that the structure of atoms and molecules determines the way they behave
a. Remember that atoms combine to form molecules
b. Chemical reactions do not create
Cohesion is molecules that are the same like to be together (same type of things like to stick together, ex: water likes to hang with water)
Cohesion is much stronger for water than other liquids
Adhesion is two kinds of molecules there not the same but they like to hang together
Cohesion ---------- surface tension
Hydrogen bonds moderate temperature
Ice is less dense than liquid water
Hydrogen bonds are stable
Water is the solvent of life a solution is a liquid consisting of a uniform mixture of two or more substances
1. the dissolving agent is the solvent
2. the substance that is dissolved is the solute
3. an aqueous solution is one in which water is the solvent anthing that is polar or a charge will dissolve in water a polar thing can dissolve a polar thing like dissolve like

The chemistry of life is sensitive to acid and basic condition a compound that releases H+ to a solution is an acid a compound that accepts H+ is a base
A buffer is