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Event : 6 day war / chinese cultural revolution
· * The Cultural Revolution had a massive impact on China from 1965 to 1968. The Cultural Revolution is the name given to Mao’s attempt to reassert his beliefs in China. Mao had been less than a dynamic leader from the late 1950’s on, and feared others in the party might be taking on a leading role that weakened his power within the party and the country. This probably explains the Cultural Revolution – it was an attempt by Mao to re-impose his authority on the party and therefore the country * The movement began in September 1965 with schools and college students protesting and fighting the goverment to return to the basic principles of the revolutionary movement. Chinese youths were also encouraged to openly criticise the liberals in the Chinese Communist Party.
· Red Guards encouraged all the youth in China to criticise those who Mao deemed untrustworthy with regards to the direction he wanted China to take. No-one was safe from criticism: writers, economists and anyone that was a part of the old regime.
6 day War :
· this was one of the most dramatic and devastating wars ever fought between Israel and all of the Arab nations.
· The Arab countries refused to accept that Israel could be a Jewish state. The President of Egypt, Nassar, called for the destruction of Israel and started to mobilise for war. In the beginning there were civilian attacks, but then the attacks became more constant and more violent
· The six-day-war increased tension between the Arab nations and the Western World because of the change in mentalities and political orientations of the Arab nations.
Significance :
· 6 day war : Israel established dominance in Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean and also gained control of the Gaza Strip, and expanded its territories.
Cultural Revolution : it shocked the growth of culture and trade. It had a massive economy and population decline. Goverments were supposed to unit china , but instead they killed off any human that stood in their way or refused to the new generation revolution.

End Of WWII And Droping Atomic Bombs On Japan

· After World War II, the world was divided into two blocks: communist Eastern block and capitalist western block. Leader of Eastern Block was Soviet Union and the leader of western block was United States. So there were two important superpowers on the world