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During the early stages of World War II, which occurred around the mid 20th century, there was booming bust with exploration and research of nuclear bombs. However only the leading and powerful countries adapted this and one powerful country in particular – America.

When the Allies were fighting of the Axis in the west, America did not bother in joining the fight, as they did not want to get involved in the war. However Japan had different thoughts for America. On the December 7th 1941, a planned attack on USA’s largest naval marine base in Pear Harbour, Hawaii occurred. This was how the Japanese forced America to join the world war. To end the war, America decided to drop the A-bomb on Japan to quickly end it.

On August 6th 1945, the first bomb nicknamed Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima. The bomb was dropped using a B-29 bomber that had the name Enola Gay from 1500ft in the air. During the first bombings, the Japanese casualties reached over 90 000 in deaths and roughly 70 000 were injured. It is thought that 30% of Hiroshima’s population was lost during the moment of the impact. The after-effects of the bomb were worse and roughly 100 000 were dead by the end 1945.

During the second bombing on August 9th 1945, atomic bomb code-named Fat Man was dropped on top of Nagasaki. The casualties were less however with the death toll from the impact at more than 40 000. More civilians were injured topping 74 000 and by the end of 1945, more than 80 000 were dead. This brought the casualties from both bombings with an approximate death toll of over 200 000 by the end of 1950.

The death toll rose due to the fact that the effects civilians received after the bombings were long term. Some cases were third degree burns from the impact while one major…