Atomic Bomb Persuasive Essay

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In 1945, America made the decision to drop two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in hopes to put an end to World War II. The Japanese government denied the Allies’ demand for surrender, so the Japanese were threatened to surrender or the Allies would reign utter destruction on them. Japan refused again, and America sent one atomic bomb which did not end in unconditional surrender of Japan. Therefore, America detonated another bomb on Nagasaki which ended in Japan’s surrender. The bombs killed many immediately and most who survived would later die of radiation exposure. The decision to drop the bomb was controversial between many Americans. The dropping of the atomic bombs benefited the Allies because if they …show more content…
The Japanese claim that, “...they [United States] have always claimed to be the champions of fairness and humanitarianism” (Japan’s Horrified Reaction (1945)). The United States wiped out the population of a whole city without distinction. Many feel that the dropping of the atomic bombs was inhumane due to the effects they caused. Thousands of people were killed and those who survived later passed away due to the radiation. An excerpt from The Christian Century Deplores the Bombing states its opinion on the morality of the destruction of the bombs, “Our leaders seem not to have weighed the moral conditions involved” (The Christian Century Deplores the Bombing). It was unfair to drop the bombs on the cities of innocent civilians. American did not contemplate the post traumatic stress, helplessness and panic of the Japanese citizens when the instruments of destruction annihilated innocent cities. The decision to drop the bombs was a proper decision. Although it may seem inhumane to kill thousands of people, the bombs in the end saved millions of lives from battling to their deaths in war. Japan was also given the option to surrender, but they refused, and were warned of an attack. It is understood that numerous amounts of Japanese civilians died in inhumane ways, but one must understand that in a time of war, one does not