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Atomic bombs first draft The atomic bombs that were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki hadn’t only been dropped for purposes of destroying lives for the Japanese but instead were dropped because of the Japanese disobeying the peace treaties, not surrendering and it ended the bomb ended the war in less than a week also the cost was far less. The war had killed many innocents lives and among them American lives in Pearl Harbor. These bombs saved the lives of many other innocents that Germany and Japan would have killed together; they have changed the world that we live in today. There are many reasons for why the bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki one reason was because the leader of the Japanese wouldn’t let the country to surrender. Hideki Tojo who was the emperor of Japan at the time of world war II led his country into a swirling pot where if the civilians and the military didn’t do as told to they would be punished and when they did go to fight they’d be killed in the war. When the “big three” were called to the Postdam conference in July, 17, 1945 on discussing the issue of peace but, Japans leader did not show up which non verbally told the united states that Japan wasn’t going to give up and surrender so, initially the U.S had no other choice but to end the war themselves and the option was to continue to play war and let troops die or bomb them twice and end it for all. Obviously the choice that was made was to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki and finish it all at once. The second reason for why the United States made the decision for bombing Japan was the money and troops they had saved. The war effort takes a lot of money transporting troops by sea into the battlefield and also carrying the tanks and other weapons across the sea took several day and hours. The US would’ve had an estimate of 80 to 90 thousand military troops go into Japan if the bombs weren’t dropped and normally for a estimate that high around 20-35% of the young troop members would have been killed. Also statistics show that the average cost of sending troops into Japan was around a million dollars per/day which if the war had continued for longer days or perhaps even months the US would lose a lot of lives and money and the making of the bombs were an exact amount of two millions dollars. This concludes the statement